Smart Lipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

“The popularity of laser lipo is understandable. More and more people are looking for less invasive ways to get rid of what many clients refer to as ‘stubborn fat’—the fat that just won’t go away no matter what you do,” says surgeon Frederic Joyce, of Utica, NY. “It’s the next big thing in the field of aesthetics, with better results and less trauma to the body.”

For years doctors have used lasers to get rid of unwanted hair, make small spider veins disappear, resurface skin and remove age spots. Now lasers are being used to literally melt fat. Laser-assisted lipolysis, or laser body sculpting, is the hottest “body contouring” procedure ever devised. Liposuction is already the #1 surgical cosmetic procedure in the USA, and minimally invasive laser lipolysis is adding to that dramatically.

Traditional liposuction can be costly and generally requires longer recovery time than less invasive techniques. The appeal of laser lipolysis is that it’s minimally invasive, performed under local anesthesia (often in an office setting), and has minimal pain and bruising.

The Advantages of Laser Body Sculpting:

Laser technology can offer skin tightening effect vs. traditional liposuction

Great “add-on” procedure to tumescent liposuction for skin tightening benefits

May be performed under local anesthesia

Excellent safety profile

Minimal downtime/ quicker recovery vs. more invasive procedures

Excellent gentle procedure for small areas of fat/ localized fat

Laser technology destroys fat cells and stimulates collagen for tissue tightening

Minimally invasive: very small canula= very small incision and no stitches

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