Smart Lipo Face: Laser Liposculpting & Liposuction

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Facial SmartLipo

Your face tells a lot about you. It’s your first impression when meeting new people as well as when greeting old friends. As you age, unwanted fat deposits, gravity and the natural loss of your skin’s elasticity can all affect your appearance. As a result, when you look in the mirror, your face may look older than you actually feel and not as toned or defined as it once was. Through the advanced laser wavelengths of Smart Lipo , patients around the world have been able to witness unwanted facial fat melt away and facial skin tighten.

Smart Lipo facial procedures are performed with local anesthesia and a typical treatment takes only 1-3 hours. Your local doctor uses the Smart Lipo laser to melt the fat cells located just under your skin.

In addition to melting and removing unwanted facial fat, the smart lipo laser also helps to tighten your skin for even better results.

Because Smart Lipo has been around since late 2006, there are now many well qualified doctors around the world that have the experience and right equipment to provide you safe and effective results.

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The benefits of Smart Lipo Facial Rejuvenation:

Can give you a more youthful appearance

Help eliminate unwanted facial fat

Help tighten facial skin

Help tighten jowls

Define your jaw line

Quick & convenient (only takes 1-3 hrs.)

Quick healing with minimal downtime

Achieve the facial rejuvenation you want for as little as $50 per month

Click Here for a FREE Confidential Consultation and to learn how you can achieve the Smart Lipo Facial Rejuvenation you want for as little as $50 per month.